We are recognized for the excellence of our wines, the harmonious combination of flavors in our pairings, and the unparalleled customer service we offer. Get ready for an unforgettable night of extraordinary flavors and aromas!

Wine Tasting

Check-in 20:30 | 08:30 pm


Discover the best wine tasting in the center of Madrid! We invite you to a special event where you will taste an exquisite selection of wines without the need to travel to distant wineries.

Additional Information

  1. Wine tastings start every day at 08:30 p.m.! The information regarding the meeting point will be sent to your email.
  2. After purchasing your tickets, an email will arrive to your email with:
    – The telephone number of the manager and expert sommelier.
    – The day and time your tickets are valid.
    – The address of the premises and instructions on how to get there.
  3. Upon arrival, present your tickets (printed or digital) to our sommelier. He will guide you to the places selected for you and your companions
  4. Are you late? No problem! Send us a message on WhatsApp or contact the person in charge of the tasting.
  5. We suggest that you dress comfortably but with an elegant and casual outfit.
  6. The tastings are carried out in groups of people (10-15 approx.). You will sit next to other people, but each couple will have their own pairing to share.
  7. Tastings are subject to group formation. If the minimum for its completion is not reached, you will be notified.



We are an independent company that gives tastings in various locations, the location provides the space and the cheeses, the rest is the responsibility of the sommelier. It is a hedonistic paired tasting, meaning that the wines have been chosen for their pairing with the cheeses and its purpose is for customers to have fun.

They will be industrial wines and at least two natural wines. Natural wines are those made with the least possible intervention. In this case they are exclusive wines without chemistry in either the vineyard or the winery, specially made by the Sommelier to pair with the cheeses.

Given the nature of the tasting and the choice of wines, we do not consider it necessary to change the glasses. The duration of the tasting will be one hour and at the end if necessary they will have to leave the tables free. If you arrive late, notify the Sommelier or do not show up, you will lose your non-refundable reservation.