About us

From the cobblestone alleys and sunny squares of Madrid to the most prestigious vineyards in the world, our history is a toast to wine and the passion with which we discover it. We are the whisper of the vine, the caress of the sun on an autumn afternoon, and the essence that distills each drop in a glass of wine. Although our company is young in time, our spirit has been on earth for centuries, nourishing itself with wine tradition and giving way to innovation.

In a short time, we have become the jewel of Madrid’s wine tastings, but it is our dedication, passion and commitment to excellence that has made us the favorite choice of Madrid residents and travelers from around the world.

We hope you will share our

Mission and vision

We are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences around wine. Each tasting is a journey, a sensory exploration that seeks not only to delight the palate, but also educate and enrich the soul. We strive to be ambassadors of wine, presenting its stories, its nuances and its secrets, and uniting people in a shared toast to the moments that make us human.

To be the lighthouse of wine culture in Madrid and beyond. We aspire for each person who joins us for a tasting to become a wine lover, equipped with the knowledge and appreciation to be a true connoisseur. We imagine a future where our commitment to excellence and authenticity expands beyond the borders of Madrid, bringing the magic of our tastings to every corner of the world.

Join us on this journey of flavor, tradition and passion. In our world, every drop tells a story, and every story deserves to be shared.

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Expert and professional people who will guide you from start to finish.

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