Wine tasting course madrid

Discover the Pleasure of Wine with our Tasting Courses

Do you want to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine? Our wine tasting course in Madrid takes you on a awesome sensory experience. Learn, enjoy and pair with expert sommeliers in a good environment. In our wine tasting course in Madrid you will learn, while you enjoy, the secrets of Spanish wine and cheese in a unique environment.

Why is our wine course Madrid is considered the best in the city?

Information and Entertainment

Our course is not only educational, but also entertaining. Learn while you enjoy this awesome experience. We make each session a memorable and unforgettable.

Experts for You

Our professional sommeliers are passionate about sharing their experience with you. Their passion and knowledge will guide you, turning each session into a master lesson.

Exceptional Selection

Our course immerses you in a carefully curated selection of premium wines. Each tasting is an exploration of flavors and aromas that will awaken your senses.

A Charming Place

We will welcome you in a place specially designed to create a magical atmosphere. Our space in Madrid will transport you to the beauty of the vineyards. A perfect environment to learn and relax.

Become a Wine Master

During our wine tasting course Madrid, you will learn the tasting techniques used by professional sommeliers. You will identify the aroma and flavor, understand the differences between grape varieties, and discover how to expertly pair wines and cheeses.

Our main goal is to make this wine course accessible for all, from those taking their first steps in the world of wine to the most experienced persons. No matter your level of knowledge, our expert sommeliers will be there to guide you step by steep in this awesome world.

Each session takes place in a good wine bar in Madrid chosen for this course. You will be in a quiet and noise free place where the comunication will be ideal. Prepare all your Questions because here you will be able to resolve them all.

Wine Tasting Course in Madrid | An Unforgettable Wine Experience

Our Madrid Wine Tasting Course is the gateway to the world of wine and cheese. If you already know about wines and want to improve, take this course. We are here to teach you unique lessons that will awaken your senses and improve your wine skills.

At the end of this wine course you will have managed to obtain a high knowledge of wines and cheeses, you will be a true master of Pairing. Impress your partner, friends and family with your new wine skills.
Ready to live this wine adventure? Don’t wait any longer, we are masters of wine and in wine tasting Madrid you can book with us today and improve what you know!

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